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Assigning a Recipient as a Confidant
Assigning a Recipient as a Confidant

How to make a recipient in your clients vault a confidant.

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Today I am going to show you how to assign a confidant in your client’s vault. This action will ensure your client’s documents and data will be securely accessible by the correct recipients once your client dies, and acts as an additional layer of security.

A confidant is a person that we also ask to confirm your client's death after they die - in addition to their legal representatives.

There are two ways to assign confidant status to a recipient: when we create a new recipient, or when we update an existing recipient - but the process is much the same for each.

To begin, create a new recipient or edit a pre-existing recipient.

For a confidant, it is compulsory to enter their legal first name, last name and an active email address.

To assign a recipient as a confidant, use the toggle next to ‘confidant status’.

A recipient is assigned as a confidant when the toggle is green.

Fill in as much contact information as possible.

Once you’ve added as much information as you can, select ‘Create’.

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