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Add a Person to Your Client's Vault
Add a Person to Your Client's Vault

How to add a person/recipient to your client's digital vault.

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Today I am going to show you how to create a recipient inside a client’s vault. This action will allow you to assign important data to the right people, ready to be received once your client has passed away.

If you are not already inside your clients’ vault, you will want to go ahead and navigate into their vault.

If you have just opened the application, you will automatically land on the People Page. If you have not, our first step will be to Navigate to your client's People Tab by looking for the ‘people’ button in the center of the toolbar at the top of the Vault.

Once you're on the People Page, you will see two buttons in the top left corner, ‘New People’ and ‘Create New Group’.

Today we will be using ‘New People’ - click on it.

A form will pop up, and we have the option to enter a lot of information here - the more we can provide, the better.

To successfully create a new person, it is compulsory to enter first name and last name only.

However, to ensure data can be quickly received by this person in the event of your client's death, we will want to add as much as we can - at a minimum, an email address or phone number.

Once you’ve added as much information as you can, select ‘Create’.

It’s that simple. You can now begin assigning documents and data to their profile.

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