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How to Securely Upload Documents to A Client's Account.
How to Securely Upload Documents to A Client's Account.

How to upload and add files or documents to your client's vault.

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Let's learn how to upload a document to a client vault in two easy steps. This will allow you to quickly upload pre-existing files and folders from your computer.

If you are not already inside your clients’ vault, you will want to go ahead and open that from the clients' tab.

Double-check that you're inside the correct vault - Your client’s name is permanently pinned at the top left corner so we can always be confident about who’s vault we are working in.

Now, let’s jump into step 1: Navigating to the Storage Tab.

Look for ‘Storage’ in the center of the toolbar at the top of your client's Vault and select it with a left-click of your mouse.

You are now inside your client's Storage Box. This is where you will find all types of documents and data that you have created and uploaded.

You will also see items your client has assigned you permission to access.

Inside the Storage Box you will see two buttons in the top left corner, ‘Add New’ and ‘Upload’.

Today we will be using upload. Let’s select that.

We now have two ways we can upload a file. If you are comfortable, you can go ahead and drag 'n' drop one or more options into the grey field.

Otherwise, we can go ahead and click anywhere inside the grey box.

Locate and select the file that you want to add, then select ‘Okay’ or ‘Open’.

Once the file has finished loading, let’s select ‘finish’.

Our file has now been securely added to your client's Storage Box.

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